Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIO)

Need Volunteers?

We can help you to recruit and develop volunteering. We also offer advice on developing volunteering policies, volunteer agreements, induction packs and role descriptions. By advertising your volunteering opportunities with us, we will be able to signpost potential volunteers to your organisation. Our Volunteering Development Officer will try to match volunteers to the skills and personal attributes you require for each opportunity. We have a volunteering database with over 270 volunteering opportunities throughout South Ayrshire and provide an information service on these opportunities that helps hundreds of volunteers get involved in volunteering.

Your volunteer opportunities will appear on the Volunteer Scotland website when you complete the volunteer opportunity details form below. A separate form should be completed for each volunteer opportunity you have. For organisations new to our service we also need you to complete a registration form (please remove). It’s simple and free to register your opportunities with us, so register now and don’t miss out on volunteers!

See below for Opportunity Form – if you have any problems you can contact us for hard copies of the form. We would be happy to help you complete the forms or provide further information about our service.

Volunteer Opportunity Form - Download - Click Here »

For more information and advice call us on (01292) 432 661.

Please return the completed forms by post to VASA, 27-29 Crown Street, Ayr, KA8 8AG or electronically to vio@voluntaryactionsouthayrshire.org.uk

Volunteering Support

Whether you are new to volunteer management or looking to revise your existing policies and procedures, we offer free individual support and advice in Volunteer Management and Best Practice. We can provide support on a range of topics, including:

  • Volunteer policies and procedures
  • Volunteer recruitment, selection and retention
  • Volunteer role descriptions and risk assessment
  • Planning for volunteer involvement
  • Volunteer Programme diversity

VASA can provide or signpost you to appropriate training and workshops, so please let us know if you have a particular training need or request by contacting us on (01292) 432 661 or email vio@voluntaryactionsouthayrshire.org.uk

Volunteering Forum

We launched a new Volunteering Forum earlier this year, encompassing all aspects of volunteering. The Forum provides the ideal opportunity to meet and discuss issues relating to volunteering in South Ayrshire and provides a local network for those wishing to share good practice and information. Forum members have the opportunity to share information on a range of topics, such as:

  • Recruiting, Selecting and Matching Volunteers
  • Supporting & Motivating Volunteers
  • Volunteer Policies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training Volunteers
  • Volunteer Roles
  • Volunteer Friendly and Saltire Awards

If you would like to be part of the Volunteering Forum or would like more information, please contact us on (01292) 432 661 or email vio@voluntaryactionsouthaysrshire.org.uk

Are you Volunteer Friendly?

Volunteer Friendly Award

The Volunteer Friendly Award is a simple, user friendly quality standard to support, recognise and reward groups who demonstrate best practice in managing and involving volunteers.

Working through the Volunteer Friendly Award gives groups the chance to update and improve volunteer management practices, policies and procedures and the Award itself can be presented at VASA’s Annual Award Ceremony.

Nowadays most funders look for evidence of good practice in managing volunteers.  Having a Volunteer Friendly Award shows funders that your practices have been examined and found to be of a high standard.

More information can be found on the Volunteer Friendly website. If you would like to discuss doing the Volunteer Friendly Award please contact us on (01292) 432 661 or email vio@voluntaryactionsouthayrshire.org.uk

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