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Guide to Commonly Used Third and Public Sector Acronyms

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AAHB - Ayrshire and Arran Health Board
Accruals / Accrued Accounts -
The accruals basis allocate the costs or income of a particular activity according to when the liabilityis incurred or when there is entitlement or certainty about income.
ADP - Alcohol & Drugs Partnership
AHP - Allied Health Professionals
ATOM - Alcohol, Tobacco, Obesity, Mood
AGM - Annual General Meeting
AHP - Allied Health Professionals
APS - Annual Population Survey
ASB - Antisocial Behaviour
ASHE - Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings
ASN - Additional Support Needs

BIG - Big Lottery Fund
BIS - Department for Business Innovation & Skills
BREEAMS - Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

CBTA - Come Back to Ayrshire
CDWG - Compact Development Working Group
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CHP - Community Health Partnership 
CL&D - Community Learning and Development
CMS - Chronic Medication Service
Community Education
COMMUNITY GROUP - Community Groups are groups established for specific areas of activity, geographic or areas of interest, which aim to bring about change in the community and benefit local neighbourhoods.
CIC - COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY – a legal structure and a subset of the company limited by guarantee and company limited by shares structures. May be suitable for social entrepreneurs who wish to develop an enterprise and employ themselves in it.
COMPACT - A partnership agreement between public agencies and the voluntary and community sector (Third Sector) to work together to improve the quality of life for people and communities in South Ayrshire.
COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE – a legal structure for not-for-profit organisations and charities. As a legal entity the company can employstaff and enter contracts, but there is a limited liability of £1 per member in the event of the company going into liquidation.
COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES – a legal entity and has the same liability as a Company Limited by Guarantee..
CONCORDAT - An agreement between COSLA and the Scottish Government which sets out a new working relationship between the Scottish Government and Local Authorities based on partnership working, joint accountability and mutual respect
CO-PRODUCTION - A general description of the process whereby clients work alongside professionals as partners in the delivery of services
CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) - A wide ranging set of concepts that relate to businesses conducting their activities responsibly. Factors include environmental impacts, employee and customer health and safety issues, participation in local communities (being a good neighbour), good corporate governance, other social issues and ethical and fair trading. CSR proponents argue that these issues are core to the long term sustainability of all businesses and apply equally to both small locally based businesses and large multi-national listed companies.
COSLA - Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
CPP - Community Planning Partnership
CSP - Community Safety Partnership
CSS - Council for Social Service
CTB - Council Tax Benefit
CVO - Council for Voluntary Organisations
CVSN - Council for Voluntary Service Network

DAVI - Domestic Abuse & Veterinary Initiative
DDA - 
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
DLA - 
Disability Living Allowance 
DWP - 
Department of Work and Pensions EDP - Economic Development Partnership
European Foundation for Quality Management
ESA - Employment & Support Allowance
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
External Scrutiny – Is where an Individual who is independent of the organisation will review the accounts and produce a report, attached to the accounts, that highlights any issues to the reader. GROS - General Register Office for Scotland HB - Health Board
HB - 
Housing Benefit
HEAT - Health Improvement, Efficiency, Access, Treatment
Health Education Board Scotland
HILT - Health Improvement Locality Team
 - Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education 
HML - High, Medium, Low IB - Incapacity Benefit
Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management
Industrial and Provident Society 
–  is a legal entity with limited liability which is regulated via the Financial Services Authority (FSA) rather than Companies House.
IE – 
Independent Examination- One of the two forms of external scrutiny that may be carried out under the statutory provisions in Scotland, and is particularly appropriate for smaller charities
IIP - 
Investors in People
IIV - 
Investing in Volunteers
IMPACT MEASUREMENT – A measurement of the impact that organisations, agencies and groups have on their communities
A mechanism / structure to enable communication and connection between the Third Sector and CPP
IS - Income Support JIT - Joint Improvement Team
JSA - Job Seekers Allowance LA - Local Authority
LAMS - Land Audit Management System
LCW - Limited Capacity for Work
LCWRA - Limited Capacity for Work Related Activity
LEAMS - Local Environment Audit and Management System 
Partnership and joint working to deliver local solutions which meet national directives and assist the Scottish Government achieve its objectives
LLP - Lifelong Learning Partnership
LLP – Limited Liability Partnership “partnerships established with a view to profit”, very unlikely to be eligible for charitable status
LSEN – Local Social Economy Network
LSEP - Local Social Economy Partnership
LTC - Long Term Condition MAP - Multi Agency Partnership
MAV - Medics Against Violence
MC - Management Committee
MCMC – Young people requiring More Choices, More Chances to succeed
 - Musculoskeletal Services
MSP - 
Member of Scottish Parliament
MTG - Mirrored Theme Group NHS A&A - NHS Ayrshire & Arran
NRS - National Records of Scotland OLG - Officer Locality Group
ONS - Office for National Statistics
 The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
OUTCOME - The change that an activity or range of activities will bring about
OUTPUT - A specific, measurable result of an action taken PEST – Political, Economic, Social and Technical
PIP - Personal Independence Payment
PPF - 
Public Partnership Forum
PRTC - Princess Royal Trust for Carers RCOP - Reshaping Care for Older People
Receipts & Payments Accounts – 
Is a simple form of accounting that consist of a summary of all monies received and paid via the bank and in cash by the organisation.
RPG - 
Regeneration Partnership Group
ROSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

SAC - South Ayrshire Council
Saltire - Volunteer awards for 12-25 age group

SAMH - Scottish Association Mental Health
SAVA - South Ayrshire Volunteer Awards
SAWET - South Ayrshire Waste & Environment Trust 
SCIO – Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation -a new legal structure which can be adopted by community groups. Aimed at voluntary associations who will be able to become a SCIO and have limited liability as a result. This new entity will be regulated through OSCR.
SCSN -  
Scottish Community Safety Network
SCVO - Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
SDA - Severe Disablement Allowance
 -Social Enterprise 
SEA - Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire
SENSCOT – Social Enterprise Network Scotland
SG - Steering Group
SHS - Scottish Household Survey
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
When directors, departments, managers, teams or staff may be high performers individually but fail to co-ordinate their activity to create peak performance for the organisation
SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound
SME - Small & Medium sized enterprises 
SMT – Senior Management Team
SNS - Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics 
SOA - SINGLE OUTCOME AGREEMENT-A commitment from community planning partners to work as a partnership to jointly deliver outcomes which will improve the quality of life economically and socially in South Ayrshire
can be defined as the trading between Third Sector organisations and the private, public and voluntary sectors.
a commercially run, profit making organisation that is driven by social aims and the profits are reinvested into social, community or environmental objectives.
Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey
Strategic Plan Management Group
SROI –Social Return on Investment -  an analytic tool for measuring and accounting for a much broader concept of value. It incorporates social, environmental and economic costs and benefits into decision making, providing a fuller picture of how value is created or destroyed 
SSEC – Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition
SVA - 
Supporting Voluntary Action – A programme to strengthen local support for the voluntary sector in Scotland from 2007  2012 – funded by BLF, managed by SCVO
SWOT – Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

TAR - Trustees Annual Report
TAYP - Targeted Approach to Young People 
TFN - Third Force News
Widely used for organisations which operate on a not-for-profit basis which includes community groups, voluntary groups / associations, charities and social enterprises engaged in trading
A group of people who meet with the same common interest
This type of charity might be set up by a group wishing to distribute the funds left in a will for a particular purpose.
TSI - Third Sector Interface UC - Universal Credit
UJ - Universal Jobmatch 
A simple legal structure, with no statutory rules,  offering a democratic structure best suited to small organisations who do not employ staff or own property  VAS – Voluntary Action Scotland - elected body of representatives from Third Sector Interfaces and the sectors lobbying body with the Scottish Government.
VASA – Voluntary Action South Ayrshire
VIOs - Volunteering Involving Organisations
Voluntary Organisations
An unincorporated not for profit organisation which has a constitution and is managed by a committee of voluntary managers. 
VDS - Volunteer Development Scotland WEA - Workers Educational Association
WCA - Work Capability Assessment
 West of Scotland Regional Network
WG - 
Working Group
WTC - Working Tax Credit
WTG - 
Working Together Group
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