Mirrored Theme Groups

One of VASA’s key aims is to make sure the opinions of the Third Sector are included alongside the public and private sectors when community planning decisions are made that affect citizens in South Ayrshire.

Building the Third Sector Relationship with the Community Planning Partnership

VASA have established the South Ayrshire Mirrored Theme Group model. These are groups of similar Third Sector organisations who meet to discuss areas of common interest, share knowledge and work together to make sure the voluntary sector has a positive influence on service provision in the area.

The Mirrored Theme Groups are:

  • Economic Development / SASEN
  • Children and Families
  • Community Health (Adults)
  • Alcohol and Drug
  • Community Safety
  • Sustainability

Involvement in a Mirrored Theme Group is completely free and all Third Sector organisations, large or small, are invited to get involved in the groups that would be beneficial for them and their organisation.

How do Mirrored Theme Groups work?

Becoming a Mirrored Theme Group member will ensure your organisation / group has:

  • A platform to communicate with the Community Planning Partnership
  • The opportunity to be involved in influencing community planning agendas
  • The ability to network with peer organisations / groups and agree joint actions on issues affecting services, public policy and creating change
  • Up-to-date information about community planning agendas and policies
  • The opportunity to contribute to the VASA annual Third Sector Impact Measurement Report
How do Mirrored Theme Groups Work?

Mirrored Theme Group Membership

MTG membership is open to all organisations and groups who are developing or delivering services for the people of South Ayrshire.

Many Third Sector organisations and community groups have joined one or more of the six South Ayrshire MTGs since they were formed.

VASA look forward to increasing the membership of the MTGs and welcome new member organisations, community groups, social enterprises and charities who are actively engaged in developing or delivering services for the people of South Ayrshire.

The MTGs meet four times a year. In addition to the meetings there are a variety of options and opportunities for organisations and community groups to engage the MTG model. Members can keep up-to-date by ‘liking’ our Facebook page and/or following us on Twitter to engage with the model electronically. Taking part in consultations or attending MTG events is also an option for organisations and groups to contribute to community planning agendas.

VASA produce an annual report which highlights Third Sector contributions relating to achievement of the objectives, indicators and targets in the South Ayrshire Single Outcome Agreement. All MTG members are invited to contribute to this report, which recognises the value and impact of the development and delivery of services for the South Ayrshire Community.

Options and Opportunities

Options and opportunities for Third Sector organisations and Community Groups to engage with South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership, through the MTG Model:

  • Attend quarterly MTG meetings on a regular basis
  • Bring important agendas to the notice of the MTG Chairs / Group Representatives
  • Keep up-to-date by following VASA’s Facebook & Twitter
  • Participate in MTG events
  • Access / comment on MTG E-bulletins
  • Take part in MTG consultations
  • ttend MTG meetings on an interest / focus basis
Options & Opportunities

Become involved

The agenda for the upcoming meetings are posted to our Events section and can be viewed on our website at your convenience. You or your organisation’s representative are invited to attend as many meetings as you find helpful and we encourage participation in discussion related to your organisations’ beliefs and values. Come along and take notes, listen or get involved, we will be pleased to welcome you into our meetings no matter what level of participation you intend to provide.

The meetings are open to all Third Sector organisations and Community Groups and we look forward to seeing you at our future meetings.

If you feel it is important that your organisation or group contributes to the process of building the Third Sector relationship with Community Planning through membership of a Mirrored Theme Group, please contact us by email: mtg@voluntaryactionsouthayrshire.org.uk or call (01292) 432 661.

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