Community Planning and the Single Outcome Agreement

The Scottish Government’s ambition is for a strong connection between all Community Planning Partnerships in Scotland and the voluntary sector, now referred to as the Third Sector.

VASA is endorsed by Scottish Government and South Ayrshire Council as being the Third Sector Interface in South Ayrshire, it has a vital role to play in the development of a meaningful relationship between the Third Sector and the Community Planning Partnership.

South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership Structure

Community Planning Structure

The role of the Board is to set the strategic direction of the Partnership and agree the priorities for the Community Plan and the Single Outcome Agreement. The Board also has responsibility for ensuring that robust financial and performance management arrangements are in place for community planning.

The Role of the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) Theme Groups

The CPP Theme Groups are developing action plans, setting out specific actions and responsibilities that each partner will take to progress towards delivering each of the local outcomes and strategic objectives outlined in the Single Outcome Agreement.  Lead partners will be identified for each of the actions. Outcomes, strategic objectives and actions will also be gradually aligned to the strategies and service plans of community planning partner organisations.

Each Theme Group will prepare a mid-term progress report for submission to the Community Planning Board in October of each year.  This will allow partners to review progress being made towards achieving Single Outcome Agreement outcomes and targets and to make recommendations on any remedial action necessary at that stage. Progress on SOA outcomes, strategic objectives and targets will be reported to a wider audience in November of each year through the Council’s public performance reporting method.

The Community Planning Partnership Theme Groups are:

Economic Development: A high level Community Planning Theme Group that works with partners to develop the local economy of South Ayrshire. The Partnership has responsibility for delivering the Prosperous, Learning and Achieving related outcomes of the South Ayrshire Single Outcome Agreement. These include objectives related to supporting business development and growth, promoting learning and employability, developing tourism and the social economy, and improving transport links and infrastructure. The Partnership currently has three sub groups which progress much of the operational work needed to deliver outcome related services. They are:

  • Lifelong Learning Partnership: responsible for community based learning and literacy services
  • South Ayrshire Employability Partnership: responsible for employment and training services


The Sustainability Partnership encourage a wide range of interested parties to participate in maintaining and enhancing a high quality environment in South Ayrshire based on the principles of the achievement of economic and social improvement without compromising future generation’s expectations of:

  • Access to resources
  • Protection of the environment
  • Health and welfare

The Partnership meet on a regular basis to actively develop and deliver a set of objectives and engage on how to deliver the environmental themes of South Ayrshire Council's Community Plan.

Alcohol and Drug

The Alcohol and Drug Partnership has responsibility for one of the SOA Local Outcomes i.e. People are protected from the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs.  This outcome directly relates to the following two objectives:

  • The provision of appropriate interventions for people that are experiencing alcohol and drug issues in order to promote recovery and
  • Reduce the number of people misusing drugs.

Community Health (Children and Adults)

The Local Delivery Plan is NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s contract with Scottish Government for service delivery against agreed targets and trajectories (the HEAT targets and measures).  It outlines all of the activity and course being taken in order to deliver agreed performance over a number of areas. Lead responsibility for the coordination and production of the LDP lies with the Assistant Director of Planning, with clear links to performance in relation to the delivery of HEAT targets.  This accountability for delivery of the LDP also allows us to ensure it reflects partnership activity through community planning arrangements.

Community Safety

South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership is working in partnership with communities and agencies to make South Ayrshire a safer, healthier more confident place. The Community Safety Partnership is a theme group of South Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership.

In addition, the Partnership involves a range of voluntary and community organisations and members from specific communities in Joint Action Groups (JAGs).

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